Drivers urged to stop driving through work site as Peel Road remains closed due to major gas leak

Gas engineering firm Cadent has apologised to residents for the delay in repairs to a major gas pipe underneath Peel Road, one of the main routes between Lytham and Blackpool.

Engineers had initially hoped that work to bypass the leak by creating an extra section of gas main would have finished last week, but bad weather and further complications mean the road

will remain closed for several more weeks as the team now has to replace around 100 metres of pipe.

Cadent is asking drivers not to drive through the work area following instances of motorists ignoring the road closure, which the firm says is "extremely dangerous".

Engineers fixing a gas leak on Peel Road gave an update (Credit: Cadent)

A Cadent spokesman said: "Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, added complications coupled with bad weather have meant we’ve not been able to carry out the repair in the way we’d

hoped to.

"We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and disruption this is causing to both residents and commuters.

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Engineers fixing gas leak on Peel Road between Blackpool and Lytham give update ...

"This is a hugely challenging project, particularly as we are next to an electricity substation and underneath a pylon, which present major hazards.

"Our efforts - out of sight - so far have managed to keep gas flowing safely to 30,000 homes this pipe feeds.

"The only option open to us now is to replace around 100 metres of pipe. This will take some time - several weeks - and we must keep the road closed during that."

Cadent says access for residents and businesses along Peel Road, near Ballam, can be maintained - but it cannot be used as a through road due to the huge excavation over half of the


The spokesman added: "We can maintain access only, as we have to date, for residents and businesses along that road.

"We cannot though let vehicles pass the work area safely, so it cannot be opened as a through road.

"We are taking steps to install fixed barriers as we have had instances of cars ignoring the road closure and driving through.

"This is extremely dangerous as there is a huge excavation covering half of the road and vehicles passing alongside this could cause the excavation to collapse or otherwise endanger the

safety of our workers, who are not expecting any traffic.

"We’re continuing to keep gas flowing too.

"We are doing everything we can to resolve this as fast as we can and would ask that you bear with us. The safety of the public and our teams is our number one priority."

Mark Menzies, Fylde MP, said he has asked Cadent to keep Fylde residents updated on the work.

He said: “I appreciate the frustration of people in Fylde at the extended closure of Peel Road and know the works are not only an inconvenience for residents and

commuters but put pressure on alternative routes.

“The major gas leak at Peel Road means these works are unavoidable and the location, next to high voltage power lines, makes the task all the more challenging for those on site.

“I have asked Cadent to keep Fylde residents updated and to ensure the repairs are completed as soon as possible.

“In the meantime I would echo the request made by Cadent that people do not try to drive through the work site.

"Doing so is dangerous and only delays the reopening of the road to all users.”

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