These are the latest cases and convictions from Blackpool Magistrates' Court - Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Here is today's round-up of cases from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.
Blackpool Magistrates' CourtBlackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court

James Gregson, 42, application for restraining order

A solicitor has been given a court order banning him from contacting his own mother and grand-mother who were said to be living in fear of him.

Probate lawyer James Gregson, 42, unsuccessfully contested an application for a restraining order made by his 72-year old mother on behalf of herself and her 93-year-old mother.

Blackpool Magistrates' CourtBlackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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The two women were granted a two year order which forbids any form of contact by Gregson and bans him from the road in which they live.

Gregson told the magistrates: “I am going to lodge an appeal here and now where can I do this?”

Chairman of the Bench Jennifer Barnes replied: “If you want to discuss issues of law you should see a solicitor.”

He replied: “I am a solicitor.”

The court had earlier been told by Gregson’s mother that he had been convicted of assaulting her in August last year when he hit her in the face with a saucepan full of dumplings injuring her lip and eye.

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He claimed in court it was an accident and had flung the pan to one side after watching a bad shot by snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan on TV.

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His mother asked for the restraining order to be extended and to cover her mother as well.

Prosecutor Anne Deakin said that Gregson was a heavy drinker. He had breached the order against his own mother by trying to contact her by phone.

Giving evidence she said:”It upsets me to hear his voice.It brings everything back. I am frightened for my own safety and my mum’s safety. I am frightened he might assault me again. I am small and slightly built.He is tall and strong and I need protection from violence.”

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Gregson acted for himself in court and said: “I oppose this.I t is factually incorrect and without cause and vexacious.I was my grandmother’s main carer before my mother moved inWhat happened with the pan was an accident caused by watching snooker on TVI did offer to get her frozen peas for the swelling.”

Daminen Sharpe, 32, assault

A 32-year-old Blackpool man has denied assaulting two policemen in an incident the prosecution claim one of the officer was bitten.

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Damien Sharpe of Newhouse Road, Marton, is alleged to have carried out the assaults in Blackpool town centre on Friday.

Sharpe denied the assaults when he appeared before magistrates who fixed the date for his trial as October 23. Sharpe was bailed on condition he keeps a curfew from 9 pm to 6 am.

Olivia McNeil, burglary

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A Blackpool woman is alleged to have used memorial stones from a graveyard to smash windows at a medical centre.

The prosecution claim that Olivia McNeil burgled St Paul’s Medical Centre, Dickson Road, Blackpool, on Sunday with intent to steal.

Prosecutor Adrian Hollamby said police found McNeil of Cheltenham Road, Blackpool, hiding in a pharmacy cupboard.

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McNeil denied burglary and her lawyer Peter Manning successfully applied for bail despite objections by the Crown.

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As conditions of her bail she must live at her given address and keep a night-time curfew until her trial takes place on October 21.

Mark Ruff, 41, assault

A man is alleged to have climbed through a bedroom window in Blackpool and went on to assault his ex partner.

Mark Ruff, 41, is charged with assaulting the woman on Saturday.

Ruff, currently of no fixed address, denied the offence and was remanded custody until his trial takes place on September 6.

Thomas Doughty, 31, begging and failing to answer bail

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A man went on a spending spree in Blackpool when he recieved a large lump sum benefits payment.

However, when the money ran out, Thomas Doughty, 31, realised he had missed a court hearing in Manchester and he handed himself in to Blackpool Police.

Doughty, 31, of Daisy Bank Road, Longsight, Manchester, admitted begging in the Hulme area of Manchester on May 29.n He also admitted failing to answer his bail at Manchester Magistrates Court.

Peter Manning,defending, said: “He came to Blackpool with friends when he came into a large amount of benefit money. When it ran out he gave himself up.”

Doughty was fined £80 with £30 costs.