These are the latest cases and convictions from Blackpool Magistrates' Court - Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Here is today's round-up of cases from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 9:25 am
Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Luis Hall, 29, dangerous driving and driving under the influence of cannabis

A driver accelerated into a head on collision with a police van.

He was driving his BMW the wrong way down a one way street in Blackpool.

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Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Luis Hall, 29, of Reads Avenue, admitted dangerous driving and driving under the influence of cannabis when he appeared before Blackpool Magistrates.

He also admitted drug driving, possessing cannabis and driving without a licence or insurance.

Prosecutor Sarah Perkins described the high speed car chase through central Blackpool just after midnight.

The van was one of several police vehicles on the tail of Hall after they were alerted to his driving.

The prosecutor said: “The police believed Hall was a significant risk to other road users.

“He turned the wrong way into Dale Street which is one way. He turned into the officer’s path. The officer believes he then accelerated deliberately and wanted to ram him off the road.

“The officer made himself ready for what he knew would be a severe collision.

“The impact caused £10,000 of damage to the van. Despite being dazed he called for assistance.

“He then went to the defendant’s BMW and found the driver slurring his words and his eyes were glazed.”

The court heard that Hall had a previous conviction for drug driving.

Jon Lee, defending, said: “My client’s grand-father, the man he loved most in the world, had just died. Hall had taken cannabis and valium. He maintains he was looking behind him at the police car chasing him and did not see the van coming the opposite way towards him.”

Hall was sent for sentence at Preston Crown Court where he will appear on September 4 by magistrates who decided the the manner of his dangerous driving was in the highest category.

He was given an interim driving ban and granted bail until he appears at the higher court.

Richard Jennings, 40, failing to comply with Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax regulations

A company boss accused of tax offences has had the first hearing of his case at court.

Richard Jennings, 40, of Sawley Avenue, South Shore, faces two offences of failing to comply with Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax regulations.

He is alleged to have failed to given security or further security for the the amounts which he was accountable for to HM Revenue and Customs.

His company Jennings Electrical Installations Limited, of Blackpool Business Park, Amy Johnson Way, also faces two offences of failing to comply with PAYE regulations.

The offences are alleged to have occurred in January this year.

No-one for the prosecution or defence appeared at court and the case was adjourned to September 3.

Conan Newsham, 21, breaching restraining order

A painter who is barred from the street where his mother lives by a court order has been reduced to living in her garage.

A restraining order was imposed on Conan Newsham after he was convicted of assaulting his own mother, damaging her home and even stealing his younger brother’s bike.

With nowhere else to go the heavy drug taker began to live in the back alleyway garage using an old sofa for a bed.

When he needed a wash his mother provided a bucket of water.

But when he started to bang on her windows and doors police were called and arrested him for breaching the terms of the restraining order which is designed to protect his mother.

Newsham, 21, who lost his painting jobs because of his drug addiction, admitted the breach and admitted breaching the terms of a 12 month community order by failing to keep in touch with probation.

Newsham had started using cannabis when he was 12 and then moved onto crack cocaine.

His lawyer Brett Chappell said:”He is in a desolate situation.

“His drug fuelled life style is entrenched. He wanders the streets mixed with undesirables and sleeps in a garage.

“From having a profession-a painter and decorator- he has allowed drugs to take over his life they have an avaricious hold on him and he has been cast out of his home.

“He must break the shackles of addiction before his mother will have him back at the family home.He spends every penny of his Universal Credit-£251 a month- on Class A drugs.”

Magistrates deferred sentencing until November 6.

During that time he must undertake drug rehabilitation and find a home and quit the garage.