Rape claim teen, 19 stole man's wallet

A thief screamed that an older man had raped him as he attacked him and stole his wallet, a court has heard.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 10:44 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 9:01 pm
James Forrest
James Forrest

James Forrest, 19, who is starting a nine month term in a young offender’s institute, had preyed on the older man’s kindness after befriending him in the Kaos nightclub in Blackpool.

He claimed he was homeless and accepted his 62-year-old victim’s’ offer of staying in the spare bed in his hotel – but then turned on him, Preston Crown Court was told.

Prosecuting, Jeremy Groutsmith said Forrest was found guilty of assault and theft by magistrates after the incident on October 14 last year.

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He added: “(The victim) was out drinking with friends in Blackpool town centre.

“He saw the defendant at a bar.

“The defendant showed interest in him, and introduced himself as ‘David from Devon.’

“They left and went to Kaos bar. He describes the defendant’s behaviour as flirty.

He later told him he had nowhere to stay, so he invited him back to the hotel where he was staying.

“At about 1.30am, they got back

“There were two beds in room.

“The victim got undressed, ready for bed and put his wallet under the mattress.

“The defendant was in the single bed.

“The defendant had seemingly planned to create a diversion and began shouting loudly that he had raped him. He picked up a glass and hit him on the hand with it.

“He took refuge in a bathroom but was able to see him take the wallet from under his bed and run out of the room.”

Mr Wallis gave chase to a taxi rank but Forrest, of Parkway Grange, Leeds, fled.

However he returned to Kaos nightclub half an hour later and was promptly arrested.

The court heard the older man suffered bruising to his leg, a graze on his knee, and his thumb was X-rayed.

Around £1,000 cash was stolen, though £700 of it was found when Forrest was arrested and will be returned.

Daniel Harman, defending, said: “ This was a nasty and mean spirited offence.

“He’s more ashamed of this offence than any other he’s committed because of the age of the victim.

“He’s just 19.

“He’s never met his mother and father, has lived occasionally with his grandmother but spent most of his childhood in care.”

Judge Pamela Badley said: “He was apparently showing you some kindness because you hadn’t got anywhere to live and he offered you a night in a hotel.

“I don’t know what was in your mind when you went back, but clearly there was some sort of disagreement between you and him and you then behaved in a very shabby fashion towards him because you were shouting and making allegations against him and you hit him him quite nastily on the hand.

“As a final indignity you took his wallet.”