Lytham Neighbourhood Watch man, 88, denies assault

Blackpool magistrates court
Blackpool magistrates court

An 88-year-old Neighbourhood Watch member is accused of assaulting a man he suspected was up to no good.

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Douglas Cholmondley Travis, 88, is alleged to have driven his Toyota automatic at a man he believed to be acting suspiciously in the grounds of Lytham Crematorium.

Alongside Travis in the car was an 87-year-old female fellow member of the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Travis, of Kintour Road, Lytham, appeared in a tweed suit before Blackpool Magistrates where he denied assault.

His lawyer, Robert Castle, said his client did not contest any of the prosecution’s case, apart from the fact he maintained what happened was a complete accident, possibly caused by a mechanical problem with the car.

Prosecutor Jim Mowbray said:”The victim was at the cemetery where he has relatives buried and had gone there with a passenger in his tipper truck.”

“He noticed Mr Travis taking photographs of him and his vehicle and confronted him about that.

“Mr Travis appears to have been looking for clues following a number of thefts in the area. He was out on patrol.”

The victim alleges he was at the front of Travis’s car when it was driven at him and he was knocked over.

Mr Castle said his client was an active member of the local Neighbourhood Watch.

“He takes this very seriously. He takes photos of car number plates and passes them onto to police.

“He had suspicions about a tipper truck and followed it into the crematorium.”

The case was adjourned to hear expert evidence.