Lytham man fears he was ‘spiked by needle’ on weekend night out

A Lytham man who blacked out after visiting local bars on Friday night fears he might have been ‘spiked by needle’.

By Matthew Calderbank
Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 2:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 2:30 pm

Sam Durning, a local bartender in his early 30s, has taken to social media to warn others after he woke up the next day to discover a bruised needle-like puncture in his arm.

"I don’t remember anything of that night, all I know is I woke up with a black eye, a messed-up hand and a swollen head”, he told his local Facebook group, Look Out Lytham.

"Turns out I was spiked by a needle,” he added, sharing a picture of the mark on his arm. “And I’m a pretty big lad, so if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone."

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Sam Durning, from Lytham, fears he was 'spiked by needle' after blacking out and finding a jab mark on his arm the next morning

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Sam said he felt ‘horrific’ for the rest of the weekend and he is now undergoing tests to find out exactly what he was jabbed with.

“I wasn’t well Saturday or yesterday (Sunday) and I’m only just recovering today.

"I am getting tests and checks sorted just to make sure nothing major has been left behind,” he added.

Lancashire Police has been approached for comment.

How to help a friend who you think has been spiked

Drinkaware has some advice on what to do if you think a friend you're out with has been spiked:

Stay with them and keep talking to them

Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates

Don't let them go home on their own

Don't let them leave the venue with someone you don't know or trust

Try to prevent them drinking more alcohol as this could lead to more serious problems

Encourage them to get urine and blood tests within 72 hours