Latest convictions from Blackpool's court - Thursday, September 13, 2018

Here is the latest round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Martin King, 29, sending a threatening message, breach of suspended prison sentence

Blackpool Magistrates Court

Blackpool Magistrates Court

A man scared his sister when he threatened her in messages he put on Facebook.

Martin King sent the messages to his brother but they referred to his sister who was the brother’s twin.

The messages included saying he was coming to get his sister and that he was going to slit her throat.

King, 29, of Waterloo Road, South Shore, pleaded guilty to sending a threatening message and breaching a suspended prison sentence.

He was sentenced to a 12 months community order with up to 20 days rehabilitation to be supervised by the probation service, put on a 14 days curfew from 8pm to 8am, ordered to pay £85 victims’ surcharge and put on a 12 months restraining order which bans him from communicating with his sister.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said King posted messages on Facebook on June 15, to his brother containing threats to his sister.

The sister said after seeing the messages she was scared to leave her home and carry on a normal life because of the defendant.

At the time of the offence King was on a suspended prison sentence for an offence of affray and sending a threatening message to his aunt.

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Lee Collier, 45, possession of Class A drugs

A man was found with 25 grams of cocaine after police arrested him in St Annes.

Lee Collier,45, of Wallbrook Crescent, Little Hulton, Manchester, pleaded guilty to possession of Class A drugs.

He was fined £120 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £30 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police were called to an address in St Annes over another matter with which Collier was not charged on April 14 at noon.

When searched a plastic bag containing cocaine was found in his jeans and some scales were discovered in his car.

Collier’s defence lawyer said the defendant had been in a short relationship with a woman who lived in St Annes.

The cocaine belonged to that girlfriend and Collier said he had been holding her cocaine to ransom as she owed him £500.

James Hindle, 21, drug-driving

A man experimented with cannabis after six years of pain from an abdominal condition which could not be relieved with medication from his consultants.

James Hindle, whose dream was to become a motor sport mechanic, was sacked on the spot after telling bosses at BMW where he worked that the police had charged him with driving with cannabis in his body, the court heard.

Hindle, 21, of Westby Way, Poulton, pleaded guilty to drug driving.

He was banned from the road for 12 months and fined £120 with £85 costs plus £30 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police stopped Hindle’s Ford Focus on Poulton Road, on April 27 at 1.20am.

There was a smell of cannabis when police spoke to him. A blood test showed 3.9 units of cannabis in his body –two is the limit.

Brett Chappell, defending, said his client, who had no previous convictions, had been diagnosed with colitis in 2012.

Consultants had tried various pain relief methods for him but nothing had worked.

Hindle had done some research and it was suggested cannabis might give pain relief, so a couple of weeks before being stopped by the police he had dabbled in taking the drug.

Hindle had been stopped as the police computer indicated he had no insurance. In fact he had changed his insurance a couple of days previously and the police computer had not been updated.

Sam Daniels, 21, drink-driving, no insurance

A man was over the alcohol limit when he went to the aid of his girlfriend who was crying and distressed.

Sam Daniels, a 21-year-old fibre optic cable worker, of Old Tarnbrick Way, Kirkham, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol without insurance.

He was disqualified from driving for 12 months, fined £650 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £65 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police saw Daniels driving a Ford Fiesta erratically on Inner Promenade, Lytham, August 24 at 8.30pm.

He kept braking without cause, not indicating at junctions and accelerating at speed.

He was stopped and a breath test showed 45 microgrammes of alcohol - 35 is the legal limit.

Mitch Sarangi, defending, said his client, who had no previous convictions, got a phone call from his girlfriend who was crying and asking him to come and collect her.

He had drunk three pints but stupidly borrowed his friend’s car, which he was uninsured to drive.