Lancashire Police snares 33 of Blackpool's most wanted through Operation Hunter

An ongoing police operation to capture Lancashire's most wanted individuals who attempt to evade arrest successfully caught 33 people in Blackpool last month.

Monday, 9th August 2021, 3:45 pm

Lancashire Police's Operation Hunter was launched in July to target the county's most wanted offenders who attempt to avoid capture.

The operation has seen task force officers from across the force - as well as specialist units including Tactical Operations and the ANPR intercept teams - target individuals wanted for a range of offences including domestic abuse, violent offences and general criminality.

During its first month, more than 230 warrants were executed across Lancashire, including 33 in Blackpool.

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33 people in Blackpool were arrested during July as Lancashire Police cracks down in crime with Operation Hunter.

A 59-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of burglary, and a male, 30, and female, 38, were both arrested for criminal damage.

There were three arrests for drugs -related offences, including a male, 33, who was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class A drug, another male, 20, arrested for possession of a class A drug and a female, 34, arrested for possession of a class B drug.

Five people were arrested for violence against a person, including three assaults and two woundings.

In addition, eight people were arrested for road traffic offences, five for theft, four for a public order offence, and a further six for "non-notifiable" offences, which includes crimes such as non-compliance of a court order.

Supt Kevin McLean, of Lancashire Police, said a "significant number of wanted individuals" had been captured and arrested since the operation began.

He said: "The information passed to us from members of the public is vital in assisting us to track down those people who do all they can to evade capture by police and attempt to go into hiding.

“By using all our resources over the last month, we have put a stop to those who think they can go into hiding and show them that there’s always a place for them in our cells.

“We are committed to tackling crime to protect our communities and Operation Hunter sends a clear message to criminals that there is no hiding place. As always, we continue to need the public’s help so if you have any information on wanted individuals please contact us.

“This will be an ongoing strategy and for those who think they can evade the criminal justice system, they are mistaken - it is only a matter of time before you are caught."