'Its disgusting should have locked her away' - Readers' outrage over sentencing following Blackpool care home theft

Joanne Kendall
Joanne Kendall
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Thousand of pounds was stolen from a poorly pensioner's credit card by Joanne Kendall who treated herself and her pal to a break in the sun.

The pensioner's HSBC card was stolen while the victim was being cared for at the Highgrove Care Home on St Annes Rd, Blackpool, Preston Crown Court heard.

Joanne Kendall was found in possession of the card at the home she shares with her mother on Brun Grove, Blackpool.

Mum-of-one, Kendall, admitted five counts of fraud by false representation.

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Prosecuting, Mark Stephenson said the frauds were discovered when the woman's niece found letters from HSBC at the pensioner's home, warning of the potential fraud, and contacted police. Similar transactions had also been made on her card by other people, including the purchase of cigarettes.

Arrogant Kendall posted a Facebook message to her friends hours before her sentencing at Preston Crown Court which said: "Last thing my barrister said don't be late, I've not even left Blackpool yet!"

Many of you were outraged to learn Joanne Kendall had escaped a prison sentence with the judge imposing 100 hours of unpaid work, a rehabilitation activity, and compensation to HSBC which has since reimbursed the pensioner.

Here is just some of the reaction.

Disgusting should have been locked up

Tasha Danielle Mullineaux

Jail no question

Jane Lincoln

Should have been jailed.

Nigel Moore

This makes my blood boil .. pathetic sentence to a disgusting excuse of a human being.

Fran Sheppard

Shop lifters do jail why didn't she.

Shelby Nfbwatson

Absolutely disgusting how these people get away with it these vulnerable people have worked all their life’s for what they have. Gets me so angry reading these stories.

Shelley Jones

Tories won't spend on more prisons, create thousands of much needed jobs...hence tell the judiciary not to sentence properly, let off at every opportunity,release murderers on parole as soon as possible. Such a caring government, putting money before morals, justice and life.

Dave Smith

Omg lowest of the low. To take advantage of a vulnerable adult is discusting. Community service is too good for them. Prison would be better. Makes my blood boil.

Laura Croft

As always the judge failed the victim and the public, she should have gone to jail. Going by the post above she has no remorse whatsoever!! Despicable woman!! Let's hope she gets a good dose of karma.

Sharon Tedesco

Not serious enough for prison that sentence right there is what is wrong with the justice system in this country pffft she should be in prison simple.

Kelly Beck

Its disgusting should have locked her away.

Jayne Burrows Webster

Iv'e recently been on a job installing wifi into care homes in the north east (middlesborough) one of them was for dementia , it was gutting to see those people , some of them where midwives and even doctors during their working life .

Then you get filth like this who pray on the vulnerable.

Chris Smith

Should have been sent to prison.

Sharon Bevins