'It's like asking for 5p': Lamborghini driver fined £100 by police in Blackpool

A Lamborghini supercar was stopped in Blackpool by police, who fined its driver £100.

Sunday, 17th November 2019, 12:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 17th November 2019, 12:34 pm
A Lamborghini driver was fined 100 after being stopped in Blackpool police, who alleged it did not have a front number plate fitted (Picture: Lancashire Road Police)

The £270,000 Aventador was pulled over on the Prom, with the force alleging that it was not showing a front number plate.

An officer said: "Contrary to popular belief, supercars are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other motor vehicle and must display a front registrate plate."

The stop was publicised on the Lancashire Road Policing Unit's Twitter feed, with a number of users responding.

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Steve Hearsey said: "Don't think £100 will bother them. Should come with three points as well."

Paul van de Rooy added: "The fine should be 20 per cent of the new car price from the factory. People who own an expensive car like this after not bothered by a £100 fine over aesthetics."

And Man City fan Dan W wrote: "£100 for a Lambo owner is like asking for 5p."

Colleen Lloyd said: "Driving that, he could have afforded more. Means testing should come in for driving fines. £100 won't make him get a number plate fixed. You'll see him again soon, I'm sure."