Elvis Presley fan broke court order to lure teenage girl to Blackpool's South Pier

A Elvis Presley fanatic on a Sex Offenders order used false names.

Mark Aaron Presley used the name Mark Kennedy when he became a member of Blackpool's Gatehouse Pentecostal church.

Police discovered his ruse and found out he had used the name Christian Kennedy to open up a Facebook account.

Presley, 53, of Clayton Crescent, Blackpool, admitted two breaches of his Sex Offenders order imposed on him when he tried to lure a 13 year old girl to meet him on South Pier.

Mark Aaron Presley

In fact he had been set up by anti paedophile group Innocence Keepers and was caught in a trap which was posted to the organisation’s Facebook page. However, he was spared a prison sentence.

Blackpool Magistrates heard that Presley is due to appear before Preston Crown Court on Thursday on similar charges.

His lawyer Brett Chappell asked for Presley to be sentenced at the higher court hearing.

He was bailed until then.