Drama as defendant tries to escape court after being remanded in custody

A 27-year-old man made a dramatic bid for freedom from a high security court dock.

Tyler McPherson had just been remanded in custody by Blackpool Magistrates when he evaded a security guard taking him to the cells below Court One .

He kicked out at the officer who tried to handcuff him.

A struggle continued as court staff activated panic alarms as McPherson tried to escape.

Blackpool Magistrates Court

McPherson who faces charges involving an alleged rooftop seige in Blackpool on Saturday, had been refused bail.

As other security staff arrived in court McPherson jumped onto a three foot high wall surrounding the staircase footwell .

Then he staged a huge leap upwards grabbing the rail above six four high security glazing around the dock.

He then sat on top of the dock just underneath the ceiling lighting.

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Magistrates and the public were cleared from court as security and his lawyer Martin Hillson tried to talk him down from his dangerous perch about 12 feet above the floor.

He refused to move and complained about decision to remand him to Preston Jail until his cases are heard .

He finally relented and was taken back into custody .

Security measures at the court were improved over 20 years ago after a man accused of modern and the dismemberment of his victim’s body staged a similar escape attempt.

McPherson, 26, formerly of St Andrews Road South, St Annes, was charged with possessing a knife during the siege and causing £500 of criminal damage to roof tiles which he is said to have thrown at police.

The Crown alleged that at one stage police got on the roof near the accused and threatened police and their dogs with the knife.

He faces a third charge of causing a public nuisance by causing the siege and throwing the tiles and forcing road closures and keeping the public indoors.

McPherson faces three allegations of breaching the terms of court bail.

Blackpool Magistrates sent him for trial at Preston Crown Court where he will appear on May 4.

McPherson was remanded in custody pending his appearance at the higher court