Documentary tonight focuses on real life murder probe in Lancashire

Police were able to hunt down Lindsay Birbeck's killerPolice were able to hunt down Lindsay Birbeck's killer
Police were able to hunt down Lindsay Birbeck's killer
A real life police investigation in Lancashire which led to a teenager being jailed for murdering a mum-of-two is to be featured in a documentary tonight (Saturday)..

In 2019 Accrington resident Lindsay Birbeck, aged 47, was reported missing from home, with her family fearing she had been in an accident.

The community rallied and widescale searches were carried out, but sadly her body was found 12 days later at Accrington Cemetery.

The mum-of-two had been murdered.

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A police investigation was launched and eventually a 17-year-old boy was brought before the courts and was jailed for a minimum of 16 years for the killing.

Initially the killer could not be named but after his conviction he was revealed to Rocky Marciano Price, of Accrington.

He had been caught on CCTV pulling a wheelie bin with Lindsay's body inside before she was found in a shallow grave 12 days later.

Tonight the television documentary will be airing on the Quest Red channel looking at the complex investigation into her death.

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It will examine how the evidence was gathered, thanks to the hard work of Lancashire officers, and how this eventually brought a killer to justice.

The programme will air at 10pm and the Quest Red channel is available on Freeview (channel 39), Freesat (channel 169), Sky (channel 149) and Virgin (channel 170).