Defiant Young Farmers pledge Blackpool meet-up – with Revolution bar saying ‘we will rock!’

A man reaches inside a VW car and appears to take the keys from the ignition in Market Street, Blackpool, during the young farmers weekend (Picture: Alex Ayan Miklos/Facebook)
A man reaches inside a VW car and appears to take the keys from the ignition in Market Street, Blackpool, during the young farmers weekend (Picture: Alex Ayan Miklos/Facebook)
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A rebel group of Young Farmers are organising a renegade meet-up in Blackpool after their annual bash was axed.

The Gazette reported yesterday how the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) AGM was being scrapped altogether.

The decision to pull the bash after 50 years is thought to be linked to trouble flaring at this year’s convention in June, when a number of complaints were made over drunken behaviour by a minority of visitors.

But a campaign has now launched by a group of Young Farmers who have vowed to “take matters into our own hands”.

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They are planning to come to Blackpool on May 3-6 next year.

And they have already received backing from Revolution bar in Blackpool, which posted on Facebook: “Hello Young Farmers! We would be more than happy to have you all back next year

“You guys sure know how to party and we will rock #YFW2019.

The trouble last year centered around Market Street, right outside Revolution’s venue.

In a post advertising the planned bash, farmer John Houseman wrote: “In light of the frankly tragic news that we no longer have the AGM, we shall take matters in to our own hands.

“Book your hotels, order your T-shirts and we’ll rock up to Blackpool once again for a bloody good do!

“Share this so we can get plenty there.”

He later added: “Obviously this is not an official YFC event so everyone who attends is responsible for their own actions. This is a good chance to show National what a horrendous decision they have made.”

And he suggested those attending should each donate £10 to charity to get “some pretty naughty good press.”

The NFYFC statement said: “Following a meeting of the board of management of NFYFC it was agreed the Federation would no longer hold the Annual Convention for its members.

“After 50 years of hosting the event, the board believes it is time to refresh its offer to members and to bring its programme of activities more in line with its charitable aims to meet the needs of rural young people.

“While NFYFC recognises this will be disappointing for many NFYFC members and sponsors, the organisation is looking to move forward.”

The main event was held at the Winter Gardens with venue bosses and organisers saying the vast majority of young farmers attending the weekend were well-behaved, with just a small percentage causing trouble.

Myles Doran, commercial director at Revolution, said: “Clearly I am disappointed to hear that any customers leaving our venue were alleged to have behaved in an anti-social or disruptive manner.

“However I can say that during the three days of the conference we had not one incident within the bar of any unruly or anti-social nature.

“The farmers conference has been held in Blackpool for years now and many hospitality businesses in the town benefit from their time spent here and we have had a long history of accommodating visitors without any issues.

“We operate a zero tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour which would apply to any of our customers.

“Revolution has been a venue of choice for many visiting conferences over the years and we value our local customers support throughout the year in equal measure.

“If the farmers decide to visit Blackpool again and choose to spend their time with us and as long as they conduct themselves in a responsible manner then we would welcome them back.”