Court seizes weapons owned by abusive husband who slashed wife with Samurai sword at their Blackpool home

Alan Heath
Alan Heath
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A man who slashed his wife during a violent row has been jailed for two years and seven months.

Alan Heath, a 60-year-old pier worker, of Bela Grove, Blackpool, left the 48-year-old bleeding from a serious wound to her arm at the flat they shared following an argument on December 16.

His victim was left with a cut to her cheek, bruising to her throat and an arm wound which needed stitches at hospital, Preston Crown Court heard.

Heath, who had a collection of weapons including a cross bow and throwing axes seized after the incident, was given a five year restraining order by Judge Philip Parry after pleading guilty to wounding the woman with a Samurai sword.

Prosecuting, Kathryn Johnson said the victim, his wife, 48, was vulnerable due to a background of domestic violence, and both had been in drink at the time of the offence.

The court heard they had been in a relationship for 18 years and wed in 2007.

Miss Johnson said: " She describes putting her arm up which is how the more serious wound was caused.

"He took the sword from its sheath and started waving it around.

"She put her arms up around her face and then felt blood on her arm.

"She shouted: 'Look what you've done' and he dropped the sword."

She said neighbours had heard the woman scream: 'How could you do this?' to which Heath replied: 'Shut up'.

The frightened woman managed to leave the flat after the intoxicated defendant fell asleep, and got a taxi to the hospital.

In a police interview Heath claimed it was a "terrible accident".

Miss Johnson added: " In the police station she gave an account to police her husband was responsible, however she did not wish to make a formal statement because she was scared."

The victim eventually came forward after Heath breached his bail conditions and was remanded into custody.

The court heard he had two cautions on his record for assaulting her.

Defending, Paul Robinson said: "It will be his first experience of prison.

"The incident has had a very bad effect upon him.

"It is a sad fact that alcohol has had an effect on the relationship for a significant period of time."

Judge Parry said it was a "matter of good fortune than of design" that the wound was not more serious.

He added: "You and she had been drinking throughout the evening.

"You found yourself back at home where an argument developed.

"You took hold of her and you inflicted violence upon her because she ended up with severe bruising and reddening around her throat and shoulders.

"It is a very long and very sharp looking implement.

"The course was set where it was inevitable that you, in anger and in drink, set about your wife causing her serious injury. You waved it around in a martial arts fashion."

He ordered the weapons to be forfeited.