Blackpool man Patrick McCann drove a 1.5 tonne tipper truck at his partner during argument

Crown Court
Crown Court
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A raging man is starting an eight month jail sentence after mounting the pavement and driving at his lover in a tipper truck as she tried to call police.

Dad-to-be Patrick McCann, 36, admitting dangerous driving in the red tipper vehicle which was described as a "potentially lethal weapon" during the proceedings at Preston Crown Court.

He also admits assaulting the woman, damaging a door in her home and failing to provide a breath specimen.

Prosecuting, Jane Dagnall said the couple had argued the previous evening and the victim had slept on the couch.

She was woken on August 28 last year to McCann shouting at her, and he then wrecked an internal door.

The woman fled outside the address on Shipley Close, Blackpool, to call police.

McCann then got behind the wheel of the tipper and drive it straight towards her.

Defending, Rachel Wood said he had "recognised somewhere there is a issue which manifested itself that morning towards his partner."

She added: "It would seem they have reconciled, he has a baby on the way."

But Recorder O'Donohoe refused to suspend his sentence after hearing of his previous convictions, which include robbery and other violent offences.

He said: " On the day in question you became involved in what would seem to be an ongoing period of domestic discord with your partner.

"You woke her by shouting at he. You behaved in a wholly unacceptable manner, causing damage to an internal door.

"Then, when she was outside on the phone to police, no doubt intending to calm the situation, you did a very dangerous thing indeed - you got into your tipper truck.

"I accept it was a cab style vehicle, weighing around 1.5 tonnes, but that in itself makes it a potentially lethal weapon, and you mounted the pavement, driving towards her.

"I accept this was a fleeting episode of dangerous driving, but it was dangerous nonetheless, and her reaction is clear in the 999 call made.

"In addition when you eventually were tracked down you remained uncooperative.

"You have a large number of offences, some of which are very unattractive indeed.

"I would be failing in my public duty if I did not send you to immediate custody. What happens to you and your partner is a matter for both of you, but I must punish you for your conduct on the day in question."

McCann, now of Boat Horse Road, Stoke on Trent, was also disqualified for 12 months and ordered to do an extended retest.

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