Award for teenage heroes who rescued St Annes car crash victim

Two teenagers who sprang into action when an elderly woman was hit by a car just yards from where they were playing football have been hailed as “heroes.”

Saturday, 7th December 2019, 6:00 am

Matthew Blizzard and Alex Stuart, both 16, ran over to help after hearing a “smash” when the 82-year-old was involved in an horrific accident on Clifton Drive, St Annes.

The woman, who lives in Fleetwood, was left badly injured, suffering a broken elbow, ribs and ankle.

Immediately the boys, both Lancashire Police cadets, put their training to use and Alex began diverting traffic while Matthew supported the woman’s head and held her hand as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

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Insp Rob Conolly-Perch, Alex Stuart,, Matthew Blizzard and Steve Smith, commander for Blackpool South Cadets
Insp Rob Conolly-Perch, Alex Stuart,, Matthew Blizzard and Steve Smith, commander for Blackpool South Cadets

Matthew, from Blackpool, said: “It was just a normal night playing football and all of a sudden we hear this smash of a car. It sounded like two cars hitting each other.

“So we ran over and unfortunately there is a lady on the floor. I went to comfort her while Alex diverted the traffic.”

Alex, who lives in St Annes, added: “It was instinct. It’s our fourth year in the cadets now so we knew what to do instantly.

“We have obviously done a lot of events where we have had to redirect traffic as well as first aid training so with all that we knew what to do straightaway.”

The pair, who are both studying public services, received a certificate from Insp Rob Conolly-Perch at their cadet attestation last week.

Insp Conolly-Perch said: “Matthew and Alex played a vital role in supporting the lady, who suffered significant injuries.

“Their actions were admirable and they should be an inspiration to other young people.

“They are true heroes.”

The pair were also praised by Helen Wynne, the daughter of the injured woman.

She said: “We are so very grateful to the police cadets for their timely and caring actions. Had they not been there the outcome could have been so much worse.

“Their prompt intervention in stopping the traffic and getting her the medical attention she needed quite probably saved her life. They are a credit to the police force.”

Steve Smith, commander of Blackpool South Police Cadets, said it was brilliant to see how the boys have progressed since joining the cadets.

Speaking yesterday, he said: “I’m really, really proud of the pair of them.

“They been with us for four years and I’ve known them from the day they joined the cadets and for something like this to happen I couldn’t have asked for anymore from the pair of them.

“They’ve both been trained to do things like this so to put it into practice is brilliant.”

The pair also received praise from Det Supt John Holmes, head of crime for the Lancashire West Division for their brave actions on September 15.

He said: “What Matthew and Alex did was amazing

“They responded to a road accident where an older lady has been injured quite seriously and the intervention from the boys has been critical in both providing assistance there and then for the woman as well directing traffic away from the scene until the emergency services arrived.

“What they have done is in the finest traditions of the constabulary and we are immensely proud of them as police cadets.”