Could renting your drive ease parking problems?

Would you rent your drive out for £5 a week to help ease parking problems?

Monday, 30th July 2018, 12:37 pm
Updated Monday, 30th July 2018, 12:42 pm
Could renting your drive ease parking problems?
Could renting your drive ease parking problems?

That’s what residents living close to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) site at Warbreck Hill Road are being asked.

It has parking for just 1,000 cars – leaving nearby streets clogged up during the day.

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Rent out your drive and earn a fiver

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Couns Christine Wright and Coun Chris Ryan came up with the idea which featured in last Monday’s Gazette.

Here’s your views

If I was out all day I wouldn’t have any dramas with someone using my drive while I wasn’t there.

Kimberley Hirst

No dramas until someone parks a nice motor on your drive while you’re at work, for example an Audi S3 or a Golf R.

Some lowlife chancer sees the motor and then breaks into your property thinking it’s your car in the hope of finding the keys.

Danny Morris

I have great sympathy for the DWP workers trying to find parking, and realise that car sharing or public transport isn’t always an option for people, dropping children at nursery first and so on.

However, I would not want to rent my drive as I would be concerned about insurance and also if someone else ‘stole’ the space and the ensuing altercation.

Debby Dua

It’s a nightmare on my street for parking.

It seems we have Warbreck staff and parents from Unity using the street.

I had a guy park outside my house last week who has stuck a disabled sticker (not an actual badge) in the window.

I asked if he worked at Warbreck as he had a shirt and tie on and was going to ask politely if he minded parking elsewhere as I have a disabled child.

Turned out he had caught the bus into town and used the space as a park and ride because he has an OAP pass.

While I appreciate everyone pays road tax and can park where they want it’s a nightmare for us right now as I have to wait for my little one’s school bus to collect him, who often can’t park due to the parking situation.

Sami Greenall

Maybe they should look into incentives for car sharing

Tom Winchester

They already have car share and bike to work schemes.

Highly-paid have the on-site parking.

About 80 per cent of staff there are on less than average wage, many under 20k.

Local residents denied the multi story car park plan meaning they have no choice but to park on the streets.

Natasha Stockdale

I work at Warbreck and weekly have a resident complain/staring daggers.

I am trying to earn a living, supporting my family etc.

Would these people rather me be on benefits and taking from their pockets... average working class people just can’t seem to catch a break.

Anthony Bryan

If it was an NHS worker I would welcome them with open arms and let them do it for nothing, but overpaid government workers no chance.

People want to start putting cones out on the streets or get together and make the council make it a parking permit zone for residents only.

Don Jesson

When will people learn that the road outside their property does not belong to them and that motorists are legally allowed to park there?

Have you ever considered that these people are simply doing a job in order to provide for their families?

Jobs aren’t easy to get and people can’t afford to be choosy.

Carina Walker

It has taken years for the parking issue for hospital staff to be addressed and the inconvenience of local residents to be taken into account, public services need to factor these issues into the long term financial planning if expanding services.

Caroline Box

Absolutely loads of streets around Warbreck House.

Just park further away and walk further.

Try being a civil servant in Preston city centre for parking

Jo Bonney

You don’t own the road outside your house.

Anyone has the right to park there.

I live on a cul-de-sac and people park outside my house

Gill Ashton

They can’t win!

They applied for a multi storey years ago - local community said no.

They took over the old Bispham school site - community complains we have another car park!

The council try to help everyone (for once) and that’s not good enough either!

All those of you saying to get a bus pass or walk - how many of you are willing to do the same each day?

The ones who can walk to work do.

Lucy Morrison

I live in this area and the way these civil servants park on the street is disgusting on the pavement, meaning that wheelchairs prams etc can’t get past

Colin Smyth

Can use mine...but will charge £20 a day!

Ellis John