Club’s future in doubt as boss sells up

The Breck Club, Poulton
The Breck Club, Poulton
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A popular Poulton social club is set to be sold.

Peter Flynn, who has owned the Breck Club on Breck Road for nine years, says he is unable to continue business due to health concerns.

He said: “I had a heart operation two years ago and I had several heart attacks over the course of three or four days. I’m told I will survive another 20 years hopefully, but I can’t cope with running it.

“A couple of members are a bit upset. I’m genuinely sorry, but I get out of breath just moving barrels.

“With minimum wage going up, it’s not financially viable without further investment and that is not something I can do.

“I have a family and I don’t want to fall down just yet.”

The club is set to be purchased by building company Fylde Joinery, though no contract has yet been drawn.

Mr Flynn, 46, who purchased the club in 2009, said the venue would be closed temporarily while renovations are carried out under its new ownership.

There are currently no definite plans for the future development of the club.

Fylde Joinery director Sean O’Toole said: “It’s early days yet. We are not sure whether it will continue as a club or as something else.”

Club member Susan Alcock, 62, said: “A lot of members put a lot of effort into the club. We have raised money for the club and for charity.

“A lot of the members are about my age. It’s the only nice little place we have where we can feel safe going and have a really fun night.

“Poulton is so busy and caters more for the younger ones. But older people live in Poulton too and we like to have somewhere to go.”