Churches create rival to festival

Blackpool churches have come together for a weekend of worship that extends a welcoming hand to the town's LGBT community.
Picture by Julian Brown 10/06/17Picture by Julian Brown 10/06/17
Picture by Julian Brown 10/06/17

The ‘Rainbow Weekend’, on September 22 and 23, will coincide with the Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens, which will feature talks by American preacher Franklin Graham (inset), who opposes gay rights.

Nina Parker, pastor at Liberty Church Blackpool, said: “There are churches who welcome LGBT people and who do not discriminate.

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“The churches have come together because Franklin Graham is not representative of us. There are many Christians across Lancashire who very much disagree with his views.”

The Rainbow Weekend, by Open Table LGBT, will begin at 5PM on September 22 with an inclusive communion service at Holy Trinity Church, Dean Street, South Shore.

On Sunday at 3pm there will be songs of praise and entertainment at St Stephen’s on the Cliffs on Holmfield Road. At 6.30pm there will be celebration and prayers with Liberty Church at St Paul’s Worship Centre on Egerton Road.

Nina said: “We are focusing on God’s love for everybody, and that inclusivity we believe is the true message of Christianity.”