'Cheeky seal' sparks emergency call out

Picture by Vikkie Everard
Picture by Vikkie Everard
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A 'person in the water' off the coast of Blackpool turned out to be a 'cheeky' seal 'popping up his head to say hello'.

The coastguard was called at 8.20pm last night by someone who was concerned that a person was in trouble in the water off Gynn Square.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard Fleetwood said: "As the team arrived on the scene we didn’t see anything unusual, just a cheeky little seal who kept popping up his head to say hello!

"You may think that it’s unusual to see a seal so close to the Promenade, but we’ve seen a few over the years, and this one seemed content to stay around and keep us company, so we are considering adopting him and calling him ‘Sammy the Seal’."