Car abandoned on tram track

A dog walker went for a morning stroll and was shocked to see a car left abandoned on the tram track at Cleveleys.

Saturday, 8th July 2017, 1:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:31 am
Car abandoned on tram track at Cleveleys.

Sue Boothroyd, of The Crescent, feared an early morning tram might have to break sharply to avoid smashing into the vehicle, a dark grey Seat Leon.

So she phoned the police to alert them to the problem, although the car wasn’t removed for an hour and a half.

Mrs Boothroyd, who took this photograph, said: “I woke up early and decided to walk the dog.

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“I went out of the gate and just opposite me I saw the car on the track.

“There was absolutely no one around and it looked like it had been abandoned.”

Mrs Boothroyd, who runs the Wash and Wag Dog Grooming business in Cleveleys, says she called the police at around 4am on Saturday morning.

She added: “When I came back a bit later the car was still there.

“It wasn’t until 5.30am that the police arrived and a vehicle with a big crane hoisted it up over the tram wall and put it onto a flat back lorry.

“At no time did I see the owner, the car appeared to have just been abandoned altogether.”