Camp site gets makeover

A true Scout is always prepared... to muck in and help out!

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 1:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:34 pm
Phil Deakin and Stephen Joyce help out at the scout camp on Mowbreck Lane, Wesham

A group of leaders from across Blackpool came together to help spruce up the district camp site in Wesham.

The Mowbreck Lane site, used by generations of Scouts from across the resort, has been under renovation for several years.

Following a period of decline, leads say it now ‘thriving’ but in need of on-going upkeep.

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The three-acre site, owned and run by Blackpool District Scouts, hosts a number of groups who come to camp or for skills days.

As part of the renovation, the Woodlands Trust has provided hundreds of new saplings to be planted in parts of the camp site where old trees had been cut down due to decay.

Scout groups have been encouraged to take part in planting the saplings and other environmental tasks.

Spokesman for Blackpool District Scouts Philip Mather said: “For many decades this camp site has special memories for generations of Scouting families, who camped and trained as leaders, and seen their youngsters follow in their footsteps, to learn the art of camping, teamwork and self discipline.

“In the woods, bird and bat boxes are springing up all over, and, the scout movement is encouraged to monitor the breeding.

“The Chapel area is being refurbished, but still an area available for some quiet time and reflection.”

He added bluebells and daffodils were ‘in full splendour’ at the site and there is ‘wildlife in abundance’.

The efforts are supported by local companies who have supplied goods and services at a cut down price or free of charge to the group.

Mr Mather added: “Our dedicated voluntary camp wardens Louise and Tony Ashworth put in endless unseen hours on the site with an endless list of jobs to do and encourage groups, and individuals to come on site an assist.”