MP's visit to plastic boxes giant

Glenn Broomfield with MP Mark Menzies and Alison Dearden at Alison Handling
Glenn Broomfield with MP Mark Menzies and Alison Dearden at Alison Handling

A Kirkham plastics firm is planning to hit £10m in sales with its reusable and recyclable products.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies visited Alison Handling to hear how the company has grown from a four-person operation to Europe’s largest independent supplier of plastic boxes.

Mr Menzies visited the firm, in its 30th year of business, to learn of its recent domestic and international successes.

He took a tour of the firm’s extensive two-acre site, near Kirkham prison, and two warehouses and asked questions about how Alison had grown to an employer of 20 staff exporting products throughout Europe.

Alison Handling managing director Glenn Broomfield was also able to share details of the company’s plans to reach £10m annual sales, including extending its product range beyond just boxes.

He explained: “We feel a strong sense of community at Alison Handling so it was a privilege to host our local MP, who took great interest in what we do here.

“He was particularly keen to hear about our many charitable endeavours which help support the area and we were delighted to share with him our ambitions to grow even further and continue putting Kirkham on the map.”

Mr Menzies said: “It was great to hear about Alison Handling’s plans to hit £10 m annual sales.

“This is a firm dealing in recyclable, reusable and responsible heavyweight plastics, supplying many household names across the UK. The firm has been operating for some 30 years – and it looks like it has a bright future ahead.”

As well as introducing new product lines, Alison Handling also uses the experience and established sales channels of the PPS Group, which bought the company in 2015.

Glenn added: “Alison Handling is named after the founder’s daughter, who is a director here at the company, and PPS is a very successful family orientated organisation, so our family values are strongly aligned and we feel they offer us great potential to achieve big things in the future.”