Menswear outlet at Fleetwood's Affinity retail park set to close at the end of the month

Affinity shopping centre, right, Amanda Daniels
Affinity shopping centre, right, Amanda Daniels
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A menswear shop at a popular Fleetwood retail park is set to close at the end of the month.

The Ben Sherman outlet is the latest store at the Affinity shopping site, on Anchorage Road, confirmed as closing, in the wake of the M&S and a Thornton’s Chocolates branch.

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But manager Amanda Daniels said it was always intended that the clothes shop would close in the summer as it was on a limited lease.

The Affinity Lancashire site had been running under the name of Freeport Fleetwood until a re-branding in May this year with the name Affinity, and remains a big draw for visitors to the Fylde coast, as well as residents.

Amanda Daniels said: “The Ben Sherman store is a pop-up shop on a 12 month lease.

“The owners of the brand had some surplus stock and decided to open a temporary outlet here to sell it.

“The lease is officially up at the end of this month and that is when it is expected to close, although the exact date may
depend of how much stock is left.”

Ben Sherman is a British clothing brand, established in the 1960s, selling shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories, predominantly
for men.

The designs sometimes feature the Royal Air Force roundel which is often called the ‘mod’ target.

A spokesman on behalf of Leeds-based brand owner BMD Clothing did not wish to comment.

The Fleetwood retail park was bought by Global Mutual Ltd last year along with Freeports in Stoke and Bideford and now the owner is evaluating options for growth.