Fylde fracking firm's focus on horizontal drilling in third broadcast

Cuadrilla's fracking rig at Preston New Road
Cuadrilla's fracking rig at Preston New Road

Fracking firm Cuadrilla is to host its third public webcast tour and live stream question and answer session at its Preston New Road shale gas exploration site on Friday.

The latest edition of PNR Live will have a focus on horizontal drilling into the deep-lying shale – which the company says will be an industry first in the UK.

It said the live stream will let everyone in Lancashire, and beyond, see how the operations under way at the site are progressing.

The public online tour will take place at 2-3pm and people can register to view it and submit questions at http://pnrlive.co.uk.

Matt Lambert, director of government and public affairs at Cuadrilla, said: “After the launch of PNR Live earlier in the year, I’m delighted that we’ve been able to open up our site once again for people in Lancashire to see what is happening – especially as our work is industry leading in terms of horizontal drilling into shale in the UK.

“We intend to keep running these sessions to ensure people are updated at each phase of the shale gas exploration at Preston New Road, and our team of experts looks forward to receiving questions from the public.”

Responses to key questions that time does not allow the experts to answer during the live stream Q&A will be subsequently posted on Cuadrilla’s website along with a recording of the tour for those that missed it live.