Firm’s technical five star Blackpool hotel challenge

The artist's impression of how the Sands Hotel will look
The artist's impression of how the Sands Hotel will look
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Details of the challenge of creating a five star hotel on Blackpool’s Promenade on the site of an existing landmark have been revealed by specialists appointed to the job.

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TRP Consulting, specialises in providing civil, structural and environmental engineering, will be partnering on the multi million pound project to at the Sands Venue.

The company said that the project includes a vertical extension to an existing building in a sensitive planning area next to Blackpool Tower.

And with it being right on the seafront, there were also environmental and weather challenges that will have to be faced.

TRP Consulting Director Geoff Wilks said the team was working to overcome those challenges, which also included access to a confined area at the site during the construction.

He said: “When it comes to the building, we are looking at creating a lightweight vertical extension. A steel framed structure will form the exoskeleton around the existing building. Exposed diagonal bracing will mimic the Tower’s structure and transmit horizontal forces to the existing basement walls. Internal floors will be put together from small components that can be lifted into place without continued reliance on cranes, because of the impact of the wind off the sea on the lifting process.

“We are also developing a sequence of work that will allow floor construction to follow the completion of the roof and façade of the building.”

They will be working with Kirkham builder Warden Construction and architects Frank Whittle Partnership to deliver the new Sands Venue Resort Hotel for owners Peter and Karin Swann.

Geoff Wilks added: “This is an exciting project for Blackpool and we’re looking forward to playing our part in what will be a real step-change for accommodation in the resort.

“It is another sign of the great regeneration work going on there. The site is not without its challenges, being so near to the Tower and right on the Promenade, but once completed the development will be a fantastic addition to the famous Golden Mile.”