Blackpool video games ace goes back to space

A view from the cockpit in Starfighter Origins
A view from the cockpit in Starfighter Origins
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A Blackpool man has achieved a space hat-trick with his third computer game launch.

Games designer Shaun Williams’ MAG Studios said he has gone back to his roots with a retro-style inspired game where players take on enemy spacecraft in a galactic shoot-em-up.

Shaun Williams of MAG Studios Bispham

Shaun Williams of MAG Studios Bispham

Shaun has released a series of games on almost zero budget with the help of a small team of enthusiasts from their Bispham offices.

Starfighter Origins follows on from the 3D sister game Colonial Defence Force Starfighter and Ghostship Aftermath.

It features more than 40 mission with a campaign storyline plus a flight simulator and instant battles options as players pilot a variety of space ships in dog-fights against aliens.

Shaun said: “We have gone back to the roots of space combat, spending many years working in the freespace engine on mods such as The Babylon project has been a huge plus. There are many space games coming onto the market but not many single player and story driven scripted games.

“A lot of games are multiplayer, dynamically generated or does not focus entirely on space combat simulation.”

“With the incredible experience and talent of our small indie team, we are thrilled to offer what we believe is the most exciting single player space combat game to hit the market for a long time.”

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