Bomb disposal squad called after 'WW2 mortar shell' discovered by Blackpool family

The bomb squad has been called to an address in Layton after a suspected World War Two mortar was discovered in a garden shed.

Wednesday, 10th June 2020, 12:53 pm

A World War Two bomb was reportedly discovered by a family on Meyler Avenue at around 2.30pm this afternoon (June 9).

Ellie Fairclough, 18, was clearing out her grandmothers shed with her boyfriend, Kayne Davis, 21, when they discovered a bag of ammunition tucked away at the back.

After pulling out random pieces of WWII equipment, they were shocked to find what they believe may be a 3-inch mortar bomb.

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An oldWorld War Two bomb hasreportedlybeen discovered by a family in Blackpool. (Photo by Ellie Fairclough)

"We were just clearing the shed as it's been full since my grandad passed away," Ellie said.

"My boyfriend picked something up thinking it was a piece of lead but it turned out it was a 3-inch mortar bomb.

"My boyfriend panicked when he realised what it was, and I was shocked and instantly started Googling to see if it was fake one."

After realising they had potentially just found a bomb that had been hiding away at the back of their grandma's garden shed for potentially 60 years, Ellie quickly called the police.

Officershave confirmed something has been found, but they are waiting for theExplosive Ordnance Disposal team. (Photo by Ellie Fairclough)

She added: "My grandparents have lived in the house since the 60s so it was surprising to find a bomb now."

Officers have confirmed something had been found, and that they were waiting for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team to arrive to investigate the object.

Residents were told to stay indoors and an alleyway near the property was closed off.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: "Something has certainly been found but it's not entirely clear what it is.

TheExplosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)team was sent to the scene to investigate the object.

"We got a call at about 2.30pm to a report munitions had been found in a shed at a property on Meyler Avenue.

"It's still there and the EOD are on route to the address. They will have a look at it and decide what needs to happen with it."

Ellie says her grandad, Sandy Wilkinson, used to collect things which he found interesting, including World War Two memorabilia, which is why the ammunition may have been there.

Ellie added: "There was a pressure gauge from a German company and part of a ship that we think was used to measure the depth of the water in a submarine.

"Apparently the ammo is safe because it has been fired, but when the police officer picked up the bomb he immediately put it back down and said he we was going to make a call to the bomb disposal.

"My grandad always said he'd go out with a bang."

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