Blackpool Stanley Park golf course poised for new operator

Blackpool Stanley Park golf course
Blackpool Stanley Park golf course
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A new operator for Stanley Park Golf Course is close to being announced.

The council has now chosen a company to take over the leisure facility which it has been running since last October when the previous operator Mack Trading entered into voluntary liquidation.

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Four tenders had been submitted and the council's executive has now made an appointment, but the details are being kept confidential until legal agreements are signed.

The council had agreed to keep the course open until March next year while it searched for a new operator.

The greens, which opened in 1925, were designed by Dr Alister MacKenzie, who laid out more than 50 golf courses including Augusta, which is home to the US Masters.

When the council handed over the running of the greens to Mack Trading in 2010, the facility needed a £300,000 investment to plug its finances after the golf course incurred a loss of £97,000 the previous year.