Blackpool Prom to get new public loos

The current toilets on Central Car ParkThe current toilets on Central Car Park
The current toilets on Central Car Park
New toilets are to open in Blackpool while less popular loos will be closed down as part of a shake up of the resort's public conveniences.

The council has negotiated a new contract with provider Danfo in order to better meet demand from people needing to spend a penny.

The operator will be able to charge 30p, up from 20p, but no more than 50p.

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New lavatories will be provided at Central Pier, Flagstaff Gardens in South Shore and within the Talbot Gateway, while a larger facility will be provided at Victoria Street.

But provision at Central Car Park will be reduced from 18 to 12 toilets, and toilets at Starr Gate, Gateway, Bethesda Square, Highfield Road, Cocker Square, Bispham Village and Lytham Road will be either relocated or closed.

A council report says the contract re-negotiation “will result in a number of new public conveniences in high footfall areas”.

Proposals have been lodged with the council seeking planning permission for the new toilets at Flagstaff Gardens.

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Currently there are no public loos on the Promenade between Starr Gate and Central Pier which has prompted complaints about a lack of facilities for visitors.

Waterloo councillor Derek Robertson welcomed the proposals.

He said: “I have been asking for public toilets for South Shore for two or three years.

“At the moment there are no public facilities and a lot of the businesses have signs in their windows saying their toilets are for use by their own customers only.

“There have also been complaints about people urinating in front of some of the hotels.

“So we really do need something in this area.”

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The new contract also means the council will make savings of £246,000 during the current financial year, and a further saving of £170,000 by 2032.

The contract for Danfo to provide public toilets in Blackpool was first agreed in 2002.

It resulted in a £3m investment in toilets across the resort over an 18-month period.

As part of negotiations for the new contract, chiefs looked at which existing toilets were under-used and which areas needed new conveniences.

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The aim is to ensure facilities are provided for both residents and visitors in areas of high footfall.

The Flagstaff Gardens site was previously home to the council operated Carnesky’s Ghost Train which closed in 2014 and was later dismantled.