Blackpool Pleasure Beach warning to fans of Pokemon

Pokemon GoPokemon Go
Pokemon Go
Bosses at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have issued a warning to over zealous Pokemon hunters.

Fans of the newly-released augmented reality game Pokemon Go, which allows smart phone users to hunt the virtual creatures in the real world, have been urged to take extra care when visiting the park.

Several Pokemon ‘roam’ the Pleasure Beach, but guests have been told to keep their eyes up while walking, and to be respectful of other guests.

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A spokesman said: “One way to avoid bumping into each other or stationary objects, and to avoid trips and falls is to pay attention to where you are walking at all times.

“There are certain areas of Blackpool Pleasure Beach off limits to guests for safety and security reasons. Posted signs should never be ignored and guests should never go over a fence or around a barricade.

“The use of cameras or phones while on rides is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.”

Police across the country say they’ve received reports of suspicious activity, only to find it was people wandering the streets looking for valuable Pokemon.

In America, there have also been reports of muggings and assaults in hot-spots.