Blackpool man's one stop resort site launch

A Blackpool businessman is to launch a new online marketplace for the resort which he hoped will be a one stop shop for visitors and businesses alike.

Monday, 28th August 2017, 3:06 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:13 pm
David Preston of OFFiGO
David Preston of OFFiGO

David Preston has created OFFiGO which will let people know what is going on and what offers are available in the resort.

He said businesses can create a free profile on the site and post their special offers each day so that people do not have to trawl through search engines looking at individuals’ sites.

David who previously worked in advertising and hospitality said he had been working in the background on the scheme since 2008 but was now full time on the project based out of the FY Creatives offices in Church Street.

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He said: “It is a monster of a site behind the scenes but I am really pleased with it.

“I have worked with the council to understand the needs of Blackpool businesses and I think it will be great for promoting Blackpool. It can’t always be about the council spending money private business has to work too.

“It will bring all the Blackpool businesses together and say this is what the town has to offer.

“It will allow them to connect with visitors and residents online in order to promote themselves and reach new

customers daily.

“All businesses can create a free profile with the opportunity to share a daily “promotional” message to help keep customers interested, this message could be an exclusive offer or deal for that day or the promotion of an upcoming event, a new announcement, new menus, new products or entertainment.

This way, customers can view up to date information and see what is available every day in their area, without having to trawl Google.

“The popularity of websites such as just eat, right move and booking .com show consumers want to find information collated together rather than searching individual websites.

"This isn’t just another “buy local” campaign; this is about Blackpool being stronger together and changing the way businesses connect with residents and visitors.”