Blackpool DJ Ross hits back at exit from show

A resort DJ said he was setting the record straight after appearing to spat with new X Factor judge Ayda Field when he appeared on the show.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 4:46 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 4:51 pm
Ross Alexander, who has spoken of his X Factor appearance
Ross Alexander, who has spoken of his X Factor appearance

Ross Alexander was on last Saturday’s X Factor series opener, singing his own take on the Thompson Twins’ hit Doctor Doctor at Wembley Arena.

The Sapphire’s club DJ and music producer-turned-singer was shown apparently being stopped mid-song by head judge Simon Cowell and appearing to storm off the stage after a feisty exchange with Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda about his flamboyant headwear - both things he said did not happen, despite the spat making national headlines.

“There had been dramas before I went on stage with my costume and when I eventually got on stage, all the monitor speakers were off so I couldn’t hear the music. That’s why I was out of tune, but it got better,” said Ross, 49.

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Ayda Field

“I got to sing all the way through my song, then got three nos from Ayda, Louis [Tomlinson] and Robbie [Williams] before Simon actually said ‘That’s a shame, I’m going to say yes.’

“I thought ‘no problem’. I got a ‘yes’ from the king of X Factor. He never stopped me. They took that from another audition.”

In fact, while his verdict from the judging panel was not shown, Ross has an email from a researchers which confirms Simon’s response, despite him being turned away by the other three.

He says his audition was so heavily edited he was ‘completely misrepresented’, adding: “They edited it to make Ayda look sassy and for me to look like I stormed off.

“I’d had a great experience up to walking on stage – it’s disappointing what they’ve done after five years of hard work I’ve put into making my album.”

Ross’s album Glitter & Twisted launched earlier this year, thanks to a Pledge Music crowdfunding campaign.

He was one of the original DJs at Flamingos when it opened in 2006, and after moving away, he returned to the resort a few years ago after the death of his mother.

It was around that time Ross started writing his own music, and he has seen success with singles he released reaching top spots in the European dance music charts plus album sales have reached as far as Australia and Japan.