Beauty row for our Jenna

Jenna Coleman as Queen VictoriaJenna Coleman as Queen Victoria
Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria
Victoria star Jenna Coleman has urged viewers who believe she is too pretty to play the monarch to look past appearances.

The former Doctor Who actress, who plays the young monarch in the ITV drama, but has faced criticism she is too beautiful for the role.

The former Arnold School head girl told Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 breakfast show: “I want to say ‘Google young Victoria’. Portraits are subjective, the eye of the beholder perhaps, but you want people to look a bit further than that.

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“In some portraits she looks very young and exuberant and others are not as flattering. When she gets older they perhaps become less flattering.”

Coleman admitted being bowed to took some getting used to. She said: “There was a period after filming of cooling off, it’s a funny thing when you walk into a room and sit on a throne, a nervous giggle happens quite a lot until you get used to it.”

She added: “ People bow to you but then you go to the pub with your mum and your Gran and they knock some sense into you.”

Coleman stars opposite Rufus Sewell and Peter Firth in the eight-part period drama, with Tom Hughes soon joining the cast to play Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

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The actress said she did hours of research on Victoria and became entrenched in the role. She told Grimshaw: “I had a funny interview at Kensington Palace when I came over with a hot turn. I think it might have been Queen Victoria’s ghost saying ‘Stop talking about me in the fist person’.”

Victoria is on ITV on Sundays at 9pm.

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