BE OUR'¨12th MAN

Come down and support the Cod Army!

Wednesday, 26th April 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:31 pm
Fleetwood Town chairman Andy Pilley is calling on fans to raise the roof as the Cod Army face possible automatic promotion this Sunday.

That’s the rousing message from Fleetwood Town chairman Andy Pilley as the Highbury club stand on the brink of history this Sunday.

Amazingly, Fleetwood face the possibility of a scarcely imagined automatic promotion to football’s second tier.

with the final match of the season at the weekend.

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Photo Neil Cross Fleetwood Town superfan Rob Cobb with his wife Carolyn

The club have certainly enjoyed many nights of amazing drama in recent years, but few could have imagined they would be on the verge of the Championship on the final throw of the dice.

Fleetwood need only one result at the weekend when they face Port vale at Highbury at noon - a win.

If they manage to see off Port vale AND their promotion rivals Bolton lose to Peterborough, then promotion will be assured.

And even if Fleetwood don’t succeed, they are still guaranteed a place in the play-offs.

Photo Neil Cross Fleetwood Town superfan Rob Cobb with his wife Carolyn

Andy Pilley said: “When this season started I honestly never thought we would be in this position - we have punched above our weight right from the start.

“I though we could finish eighth, but not this.

“So I am calling on the people of Fleetwood to come to Highbury this Sunday and give us massive support.

“Be our twelfth man and help us get the win we need.”

Fleetwood’s inspirational story on the pitch, rising from none-league obscurity withing just one decade, has come against a background of the sort of community engagement much bigger clubs would be proud of.

There is a strong youth development side, and even an apprentice and college scheme.

Mr Pilley said: “It may sound strange but we are League One club which is run like sa Premier League Club in terms of our approach to facilities, our personnel and, vitally, our community engagement.

“Our infrastructure is second to none.

“But the club is about much more than points on the table.

“It is about giving a town something to dream of, being part of that community.

“Fleetwood as a town has had so many knocks over the years, it really struggled after it lost its fishing industry.

“I like to think that, in a small way we can give this town something to be proud of.”

Mr Pilley praised team manager Uwe Rosler, the German-born, ex-Manchester City star who has truly taken the club to another level, his support team and, of course, the players.

Lifelong supporter Rob Cobb, who lives in Preston, has seen nearly everything happen with Fleetwood Town over the years.

Rob, 65, will be at Highbury on Sunday and said: “It is amazing, my mouth has been hanging open in disbelief this season.

“We have seen the unbelievable happen so many times but this is asking a lot.

“But you never know, there is chance we can make it.”