Baby in blaze drama

A FLAT fire broke out in a St Annes property where a two week old baby was sleeping.

Crews were called to flats on St David’s Road North in St Annes shortly after 7am yesterday morning.

Residents in the top floor flat of the converted house rose the alarm after hearing the smoke alarm in the lower flat and a detecting a strong smell of smoke.

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Firefighters from St Annes were forced to break down the door of the property to assist a man in his early thirties.

Alistair McLean, watch manager from St Annes fire station said: “Fortunately for this man, the couple in the flat above heard the smoke detector and raised the alarm.

“They have a two week baby and thankfully were able to get out of the property safely.

“It would appear the man in the ground floor flat had been out until the early hours and tried to make boiled eggs but then fallen asleep.

“We found him still asleep on the floor and he was very disorientated when we woke him.”

The man was unharmed and the flat suffered smoke damage.