Babies and toddlers to learn French and Spanish

Cath Edmonds from BilinguaSing
Cath Edmonds from BilinguaSing
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It’s never too early to start learning another language. That’s the message from former primary school teacher, Cath Edmonds, who has recently introduced classes for babies and toddlers to learn French and Spanish, on the Fylde Coast.

Cath, of Cleveleys, is now running sessions under the award-winning baby and toddler programme, BilinguaSing, at Knuckleheads Play Centre, on North Promenade, on Tuesday afternoons.

Parents and young children can learn a new language through music, singing, movement and play.

Cath said: “The best time for anyone to learn a new language is while they are still learning their own.

“This is why people exposed to a second language from birth end up speaking more than one language effortlessly. It’s a real gift to give a second language to our little ones.

“BilinguaSing run classes across the UK, and I became aware of them in another area of Lancashire.

“Having seen the classes in action, I was excited by how engaging, stimulating and inspirational the classes were, and was keen to join the team. I only started learning languages when I was 11 years old, but wished I had been introduced to a new language at a much younger age.

“It’s better to introduce little ones to a new language when they are young 
enough to absorb all the information.

“It was while spending some time abroad I experienced at first-hand how young children learn second languages bilingually, and how well they can communicate in a foreign language at such an early age.

“Our classes are bilingual throughout, in French or Spanish, as well as in English.

“The parent and child can absorb the new language in a natural way, just as children learn their own mother tongue.

“We are now living in a world which requires increasing multilingualism; learning a language will help children to become more confident and to thrive in the wider world in the future. It’s one of life’s key skills.”

A special free taster event will be held on Tuesday March 6, from 1.15pm for parents, babies and toddlers, and from 4.15pm, for school aged children (up to aged seven).

For more information, or to book a place, email or visit