Anti-freeze poison fears after cats die

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A Blackpool woman has spoken of her family’s sadness after two of their beloved cats lost their lives to suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

Four-year-old cat Poppy died in October after it is believed she ingested the deadly substance while roaming around the Glastonbury Avenue area in Marton.

Cats and dogs are attracted to antifreeze, and just one spoonful of the liquid is enough to kill a healthy feline.

Her owner said: “She got really poorly and wasn’t moving about, she wasn’t eating, she wasn’t drinking.

“We took her to the emergency vets and they said they were going to keep her on an IV drip overnight.

“The next day they called and said she was the same, if not worse, and that there was nothing that they could do for her.”

The family agreed, on their vet’s advice, to have their pet put to sleep.

But tragedy struck again after the family’s second cat, Lola, also four-years-old, died on April 20 due to severe kidney problems associated with anti-freeze poisoning.

Her vets also found that she had been shot in the leg with a pellet gun.

Her owner said: “We don’t wany any more cats. I don’t feel like our area is safe any more. I feel like there is somebody doing something to target pets in the area, because not only was Lola poisoned but she was shot.

“I want the person who is doing this to know that we know what they are going and to stop it.”

She added that she has reported both incidents to the RSPCA and Neighbourhood Watch.