Anti fracking campaigner accused of threatening behaviour at a community play in Preston's Harris Museum says he "wanted to stop the lie"

An entertainer and campaigner who filmed himself disrupting a fringe festival play has given evidence in his defence.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 4:19 pm

Geza David Tarjanyi, 58, was arrested at a caravan in Cheshire after the incident on May 22 after walking into the performance area of Preston's Harris Museum during a monologue, shouting: "Stop the lie".

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He said he believed some campaigners were "working against" other campaigners at the Preston New Road site.

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Tarjanyi, currently of Boundary Street, Leyland, but formerly from Lytham, denies using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause anti-fracking campaigner Tina Rothery to fear immediate unlawful violence would be used, and a further charge of using threatening behaviour.

He said he decided to protest against the play because he wanted to 'expose' lies by Nannas with Banners, and believed he had been "demonised and laughed at" in their play.

The defendant described his footage as a "documentary, critique, investigation and protest."

He added: "It was going to tour around the country and blacken myself and the rest of Preston New Road,

"I went to do a narration about the truth of what was going on in the play."

During the trial he alleged Greenpeace and Green Party are "sucking donations" away from the Preston New Road cause.

Asked about comments he made on his video saying: "Watch the violence", he said he was referring to people being violent to him as he had been attacked numerous times previously.

Quizzed by his defence lawyer, he said he "did not do anything personal".

He added: "Any volume you can hear on the video is a response to the way I'm being treated, I was being assaulted."

He said he felt his actions were reasonable, adding: "Nobody's in any danger."

But prosecuting, Adrian Hollamby said: " I'm going to characterise you as an isolated, brooding and angry man."

The defendant replied: "It's not true."

Mr Hollamby added: "I'm going to suggest walking into a theatre and shouting 'Tina Rothery is a liar' is an extremely personal thing to do."

The bench is due to retire shortly to consider their verdict.