Anti-frackers anniversary action at Preston New Road site

Cuadrillas drilling rig at Preston New Road
Cuadrillas drilling rig at Preston New Road
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Protestors gathered at Cuardilla’s fracking site exactly three years after Lancashire County Council rejected the company’s application to drill for shale gas – later overruled by the government.

The protest started yesterday at the Preston New Road site and was named ‘Block Around The Clock’.

It was organised by ‘Reclaim the Power’ and styled as a three-day festival of resistance with live music and workshops.

Milo Phillips of Reclaim the Power said: “Today we’re celebrating and supporting local resistance to fracking, here in Lancashire and everywhere.”

The Gazette approached Cuadrilla for a comment but was unable to reach anyone.

Police restricted traffic at the site yesterday because of ‘people in the road’, the force said on social media.