5am South Shore hotel drink bid upsets guesthouses

A licensing bid which could see a hotel bar open until 5am with a 24-hour alcohol licence attached has sparked fears the move could lead to rowdy behaviour.

Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 11:19 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 11:28 am
5am South Shore hotel drink bid upsets guesthouses

Neighbouring hoteliers are objecting to the application by Erika Henysova Nemecka for The Cafe Guest House on Wellington Road in South Shore. A town hall licensing panel has now been set for Friday August 3 to consider the issue.

Nine objections, mainly from guesthouse owners, have been submitted in response to the application.

Ms Nemecka is seeking permission for a licence to offer music from 10am until midnight, late night refreshment from 11pm until 5am daily, and the supply of alcohol 24 hours round-the-clock to hotel residents and their guests.

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But other hoteliers have warned the move will lead to disruption for other residents and businesses.

Robert Pettit, of the Oxfordshire Hotel on Wellington Road, says in his submission: “I feel that a drinking club that opens till 5am is not suitable for this area.

“I feel it will bring noise, drunkeness and possible damage to homes, property and cars and will totally ruin this street.

The needs of people who need to drink until 5am are already served by numerous pubs and clubs and should be confined to more suitable streets.

“Not where families with children, people who need to sleep at night because they have to work the next day, and hotel guests require and deserve peace at night.”

Christine Walker of the Sandgate Hotel says the 5am licence “could encourage crime in this area which gives us a bad name”.

But the applicant says alcohol will only be sold between 10am and midnight, and staff will be fully trained to deal with any potential problems.

CCTV will also be installed.

The applicant adds when there is entertainment “regular assessments of the noise emanating from the premises will be undertaken” and if this indicates “noise is likely to cause nuisance to any local residents, remedial action will be taken.”