North West fostering agency appeals for foster carers to keep brothers and sisters together

More than a third of foster children are separated from their siblings when they come into care; this agency is urging people to step in and stop this happening.

Local fostering agency and charity, Caritas Care is appealing for individuals and families living in the Preston area to consider fostering brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, it has been estimated that 37% of children are separated from their brothers and sisters when they are placed in care, according to Caritas Care. This also comes at a time when there is a national shortage of foster carers. In the North West alone, there is a need for 850 more foster carers, the second highest region in the country.

Rebecca Hughes, Fostering Services Manager said: “It is vitally important that we do everything we can to ensure these children can maintain their sibling relationships by finding foster families who can provide a loving home and keep them together; this might be short or long term.”

“Siblings are co-authors of their childhood memories, they know each other, and have been there throughout their short lives' ups and downs. They have shared moments of fun and have comforted each other through moments of great sadness and disruption in their lives.  They simply aren’t who they are without each other!”

Caritas Care is committed to ensuring that brother and sister units have the opportunity to stay together wherever possible. By recruiting more foster carers who are willing to consider caring for a sibling group, they believe they can make a difference to these children’s and young peoples’ futures.

Changing lives

Gaynor, foster carer to two sisters said: “Our two girls have changed our lives for the better. It’s a privilege to provide them with a home together, where they feel safe, secure and wanted.”

“It does have its ups and downs, and it’s hard work sometimes – but that could be said for any family! It’s not always an easy ride, but it’s 10 times harder for the children involved who have already been through so much at such an early age.”

Rebecca added: “We are looking for more individuals and families like Gaynor’s who are willing to provide a home in a safe and nurturing environment where siblings can remain together, grow and thrive.”

Fostering brothers and sisters is a rewarding experience that offers the chance to make a lifelong impact on the lives of children in need. As a foster carer with Caritas Care, you will receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a generous fostering allowance. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to keep brothers and sisters together and giving them the chance to build a brighter future.

Do you have room in your heart and in your home to foster brothers and sisters? Call the team at Caritas Care on 0800 652 6955 or attend one of their online information events. Book here at the website.


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