Pride of Britain Hotels commits to the future

Pride of Britain Hotels - The AthenaeumPride of Britain Hotels - The Athenaeum
Pride of Britain Hotels - The Athenaeum
Pride of Britain Hotels has announced its partnership with EarthCheck – the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.

The partnership aims to develop environmental good practice as well as certification of its hotel members and company-wide regenerative practices.

This step formalises Pride of Britain Hotels’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible travel and its efforts to promote the importance of sustainable practices across its collection of the UK’s finest green hotels.

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For more than 30 years EarthCheck have worked with governments, businesses and destinations to deliver science-backed, strategic and sustainable outcomes.

Pride of Britain Hotels - Whatley Manor Hotel (photo: Jo Hansford Photography)Pride of Britain Hotels - Whatley Manor Hotel (photo: Jo Hansford Photography)
Pride of Britain Hotels - Whatley Manor Hotel (photo: Jo Hansford Photography)

The partnership will not only allow Pride of Britain Hotel members to take advantage of a preferential EarthCheck Certified rate but will also give members access to educational seminars on environmental good practice for hotels.

Pride of Britain Hotels is the country’s leading luxury boutique hotel group, boasting over 50 properties in the UK, from country houses to boutique city boltholes, and everything in between.

With sustainability embedded into its core values, responsible travel is now an important modus operandi for the group, with members incorporating eco-friendly and locally supportive practices well beyond simple recycling programmes and the elimination of plastic straws.

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Pride of Britain Hotels chief executive Kalindi Juneja said: “We are delighted to be partnering with EarthCheck and their world leading sustainability certification programme EarthCheck Certified, a move that signifies our ongoing efforts to encourage sustainability across our hotel collection.

"This partnership will allow our member hotels to take the next steps on their journey to becoming eco-certified hotels by the leading environmental organisation in this field.

"It can be a daunting process for smaller, independent hotels to become more sustainable. Having the expertise and guidance of EarthCheck will be invaluable.

"All our hotels are at a varied stage of this journey, one that will not bring overnight change but will require slow steps towards this mission.”

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EarthCheck chief executive and founder Stewart Moore commented: “We are very excited to be collaborating with Pride of Britain Hotels.

"It is a unique opportunity for their collective membership to take action and drive its message of responsible travel across the global community.

"Sustainability can be expected to be front and centre in the forward travel and leisure plans for all visitor markets.”

Whatley Manor general manager Sue Williams added: “I am delighted that Kalindi has been in negotiations with EarthCheck and been able to broker this preferential deal for our members.

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"All hoteliers are going to have to take robust steps to advance their sustainability credentials and we could not have a better partner with whom to go on this journey.

"Pride of Britain Hotels’ owners have helped their neighbourhoods to develop in positive ways over many years. Generations of family owners have assisted in shaping their communities.

"Part of being a responsible, caring hotelier is not only to strive to support local communities, but also to reduce their own property’s carbon footprint and to protect the local and regional natural environments, to the benefit of one and all”.

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