Here are the five of the best skateparks in Lancashire

The best place to let the kids use up some of that energy... Why not check out these skateparks?

Lancashire recommends... skateparks
Lancashire recommends... skateparks

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Air Skatepark, YMCA Thornton Health and Fitness Centre, Victoria Road East, Thornton Cleveleys Air is a bespoke indoor skatepark. Designed and built by professionals for a seamless flow, it includes 17 interconnecting ramps, pipes, banks, ledges and rails. The park is managed by YMCA and Wyre Council and is a community hub designed for boards, BMX, blades and scooters.
Adlington Skatepark, Jubilee Recreation Ground, Whitefield Road, Chorley Adlington Skatepark, located within Jubilee Recreation Ground, is a concrete skatepark. It features a back-and-forth layout with spine separating two mini ramps, and a longer plaza style section. The skatepark was built by Maverick, opening in November 2014. It is an outdoor skatepark, which is free to use and is open to anyone daily.
Moor Park Skatepark, Blackpool Road, Preston Moor Park Skatepark is a large concrete flow bowl with lots of features. It also has a pool style enclosed bowl with pool coping. The skatepark is outdoors and free to use. It is also open daily. It was designed and built by Freestyle Skateparks.
Ramp City WSA Skatepark, Cropper Road, Marton, Blackpool Ramp City is an indoor skatepark laid out in a 29,000 sq ft warehouse just outside Blackpool. It is made up of bespoke wooden ramps and consists of a large street, park and transition section. The street section is made up of the usual arrangement of obstacles, with quarter pipes, flat banks, rol ins, driveways, funboxes, hubbas, rails, ledges, manny pads, spines, stair sets and vert walls. They are all made up of wood and laid down on a concrete flooring. There is also a full pipe which is quite uncommon in the UK. This skatepark is an indoor centre with paid admission. To learn more visit
The Warehouse Skatepark, Talbot Road, Leyland The Warehouse skatepark is an indoor skatepark that can be found in Leyland. It is constructed from bespoke wooden ramps and mainly features transitions with some street elements thrown into the mix. The skatepark features a main room with a series of ramps arranged in a back and forth layout with quarter pipes, bowled edges, flat banks and roll ins either side of some driveways, kickers and a raised level. At the back of the skatepark is a small street section with flat bank and ledge and on the opposite end is a long half pipe running along the back side. It is an indoor skatepark with opening times.