New homes: Hassle-free house move

LOCAL couple Paul and Lisa Jones were not only the first buyers to move in to the newest development in Thornton, but they are also the first family on Hawley Gardens to welcome a new baby into their home.

With a baby on the way, they were looking for a home which would be perfect to raise a family, in a nice area, and they found just that in the Shenton four bedroom design at David Wilson Homes North West’s Hawley Gardens.

Of course, time was of the essence with Lisa’s pregnancy, but, thanks to the part-exchange scheme, the couple were able to move into their new home a lot sooner than they originally thought.

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Lisa said: “Being pregnant and moving house wasn’t the ideal combination, and we were obviously a little worried about the moving-in process, and how long it would take – we didn’t want any stress, as it’s obviously not good for the baby.

“When we found our new Shenton home, we were so pleased, as it was everything we were looking for – a lovely-looking home in a very appealing area,, which also came with a great scheme and made everything so much easier for us.

“The part-exchange scheme enabled us to move in very quickly, which took out a lot of the stress. It was the perfect solution.

“We are now happily settled with baby Jack and thoroughly enjoying being in our new home.”

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The part-exchange scheme has been specifically developed to help homebuyers overcome those uncertainties commonly associated with moving home ,such as unstable property chains.

Plus, choosing to part-exchange with David Wilson Homes means purchasers can stay in their own property until their new home is ready.

Steve Jackson, sales director at David Wilson Homes North West, said: “We appreciate the various financial challenges homebuyers can experience when selling and buying a home, such as estate agents’ fees and issues with property chains.

“That’s why our part-exchange scheme is ideal for house-hunters wanting to take their next step up the property ladder without any of the hassle.”