Dandelion and Faith arrived at the RSPCA Longview Animal Centre after being rescued by an inspector as they were not being cared for properly in their previous home. Dandelion is the more confident of the pair whilst Faith is morereserved and takes some time to settle. Both of the girls, who are around 12 months old, have gained lots of confidence since arriving and will now come over to take food from you. They are fine being groomed which they will require regularly in their new home and like most rabbits, they are much happier with all four feet on the floor instead of being picked up. As they are bonded, Dandelion and Faith are looking to find a home together.

Here are some of the rabbits and other small animals looking for a new home in Lancashire

Demand for pets rocketed during lockdown - but some smaller animals have been left behind and are still looking for a new home.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 12:30 pm

The RSPCA saw an increase in demand for pets during 2020 - but today the charity is highlighting those animals in Lancashire that need special care and attention due to their difficult start

in life.

Forty-four rabbits in Lancashire were found loving new homes by the RSPCA in 2020, however some are still waiting to find their perfect home.

RSPCA rabbit welfare expert Dr Jane Tyson said: “Rabbits and small furries are very misunderstood, they have complex needs and need a lot of care and attention. However, they are also

very rewarding pets and given the right housing, socialising, diet and care they can become much loved members of the family.

“Adopting may take more time than just buying but it is more rewarding as often you are rescuing that animal from a history of mistreatment of neglect. It also means we are freeing up

space in our centres so more needy animals can move in to receive the care they need.

“We have lots of information on our website to help support new owners and we also have the newly created The Good Practice Code for the Welfare of Rabbits.

“It’s really positive to see so many people are now searching for rescue animals as they become more aware this is an option and hopefully we can help find those less popular animals in

our care the right home too.”

For more information or to rehome any of the animals featured, contact the RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs branch at the Longview Animal Centre, Old Toms Lane, Stalmine, by

emailing [email protected] or calling (01253) 703000.

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