Blackpool video game lounge is a family affair

Video games fans  don’t need to play alone in virtual reality anymore, after a Blackpool couple opened a gaming lounge where they can be with their friends in the real world.

By Tim Gavell
Friday, 6th September 2019, 3:07 pm
Glitch Gaming Lounge on Grosvenor Street.  Pictured are Amy Cannon and Lee Cannon.
Glitch Gaming Lounge on Grosvenor Street. Pictured are Amy Cannon and Lee Cannon.

Lee and Amy Cannon have launched the Glitch Gaming Lounge on Grosvenor Street to let families and friends get together to play their favourite games.

Lee, 37, has been a life-long computer gamer and the pair had been looking to start their own business when the building became available.

Amy said the huge popularity of games such as Fortnite, FIFA and Rocket League (the UK industry is worth around £5.7bn) meant that the time was right to start their business.

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Jack Sutcliffe at Glitch Gaming Lounge

Amy, 31, said: “Lee has always had an idea of starting a business around gaming and this is our first venture together.

“We both have other jobs but we are hoping to make this a success.

“The demand is there, we are already getting lots of bookings for gaming parties and lots of families have come here already.

“There is a relaxation area so people can get together and we have numerous game consoles– X Box One and PS4s and a lounge area which has family seats and sofas and a 55 inch screen for the Nintendo Switch and Play Station Virtual Reality experience.”

Louis Hudson at the Virtual Reality area at Glitch Gaming Lounge

The building has two rooms with a kitchen area and toilets.

Amy added: “We cater for all ages between four and adult and we do get a lot of adult asking to have parties here.

“For the younger people it is a good place to be together while playing games instead of being alone at home or hanging around on the streets.

“Gaming does get a bad reputation sometimes unjustly, but it is great for improving a person’s focus and concentrations and skills.

Lee Cannon with 4-year-old son Roman and Louis Hudson

“We have three boys, Roman, four, Mason, 14, and Jamie, 15, and as you can imagine they love it.”