"I can recall 60 years of Yorkshire Fisheries in Blackpool, it's been bang on for years"

Who doesn’t love fish and chips?

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And where better to grab a chippy tea than in Blackpool – arguably the home of the classic British favourite. We asked readers about their memories of their favourite chippies back in the day. Pat Eardley said: “I worked at Black's on Deansgate when I first left school and used to go to the chippy on Topping Street, the predecessor of Yorkshire Fisheries. They did a 'Sloppy Joe' burger with onions and gravy on a portion of chips. 50 years on, I can still remember loving this for lunch!

And Marilynne Thompson recalled: “Amy’s on Common Edge Road. It was a wooden shack between Stanley Con Club and Bennetts Lane. Loved going there near closing for the scraps. Also further down opp Highfield pub was Porters.” Read the full thread of memories here These were some of the area’s favourites in the 1990s, were any near you? Some are still going strong.