"I was at The Palace in Blackpool when Kylie Minogue was on Hit Man and Her - she came in on a trapeze!"

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It’s one of the most iconic nightclubs of its day.

The Palace boomed for two decades and people came from miles around to be there. With a hefty price tag of £2.2m, the club opened in 1986 and was the largest in the North West. With a capacity of 3,000, an incredible lights system and the fact that everyone else was there, it had unrivalled status.

You shared your best memories with us on Facebook and there were some great stories to read. Tracey Gallagher was lucky enough to experience the prodigy playing there. She said it was an ‘amazing memory’.

Mandy Ward remembered when Pete Waterman was there for Hit Man and Her. She said: “He wasn't impressed we were talking when he was trying to say how much bacon was consumed in Blackpool guest houses! I was on the TV though.”

And Rachel Thomas met her husband at The Palace. She said: “Loved that place. Many happy memories and met my husband of now 30 years there.”

Karen Spencer had an 18th birthday party there on her 17th birthday. She said: “Back in the day if you booked your party they posted you out invites for friends and you got a bottle of 99p bubbly on the house! They didn’t check ID back in the day! It was a great night! Light show….” Laura Giles remembered: “Getting down those awful stairs safely after a skinful now that was a challenge and a half!! Sadly, The Palace is no more but these photos will take you right back to those days including scenes after its doors closed for the final time when urban explorers photographed it as an abandoned shell.